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This just illustrates so well how important it is to live in the here and now rather than waste your time worried about the future. I love how the story progressed as his obsession with the future decimated his life in the present and ultimately what he cared for the most. Most people wonder did he succeed or did he die? The most logical one for most of us sci-fi people would likely be he went back and stopped himself from even making the machine and living life happily with his girl after wards, but who knows.

There was just so much about this flash that does inspire thought, so kudos on using ambiguity well.


dang man, that was really good, though my voice seemed to be a tad quiet, though I'm sure that was my fault XD perhaps the most chilling part is the line "Game over shadow the hedgehog" haha nice job and I look forward to doing future episodes with you.

it'll be better next time

ok, time for me to step on the soapbox a bit here,

ok first off, awesome job with the animation Dan, it was a pleasure working with you.

second, as for the virus character (which I voiced btw), I have a few things to say to the complaints. 1. if ya don't like what I did when voicing the character, cool your heels, there's always room for improvement. 2. Yes virus may have seemed immature or lame, but that's because of a few mix ups on my part when getting into character.

now Dan, I think we need to definitely work on script and grammar before the next episode, by doing that, we can make virus and the other characters seem a tad more realistic and more impacting. now some of that was my fault, but we can definitely fix it up before you animate and everyone records their voices again.

in summary, people, this is only the first episode, first episodes usually aren't that great in the beginning of a good series, so give us some slack, and I assure you, Virus's performance will be enhanced in future episodes.

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Sounds to me like your screams have very much improved brotha, I gotta get back on this newgrounds game myself, but damn good to hear you still shredding ;) Singing's always on point and the chuggs are still your area of mastery, haha

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Cheers brother, much appreciated! :)

Totally brutal

I am so gonna hit this up with the angriest stuff I can write hahaha Nicely done duderman.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Kill it, brother. :)

All of my love for this

Totally sweet vokillings here my broman! Hope we can collaborate sometime again, would love to kill some tracks with you again!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

For sure, man. Totally would dig that. Been far too long since we slayed some motherfuckers. haha.

Getting some extra free time on mondays and tuesdays, so doing a little more writing. :) Also, start some vocal training with a dude that learned from the same guy that trained Chris Cornell!! haha, that will be AWESOME.

Thanks duder. Glad you dig it.!

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